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Adoption Will Take a Long Time?

Ok now that you have seen the expansive Zoom product feature set, feeling a bit overwhelmed? Worried how long it will take to get the users to adopt Zoom? All valid concerns.

To understand the Zoom DAM/MAM adoption process for your organization, let’s walk through a hypothetical scenario. Suppose you were given a 2 hour demo of the latest iPhone with its feature set. Imagine for a second you had never worked with a smartphone before..

You would probably feel ‘feature fatigue’ after the iPhone demo, with so many apps & settings to configure to make the iPhone you own. You might even conclude that it will take you a very long time to adopt the iPhone!

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything."
George Bernard Shaw

So how would you roll out an iPhone with its myriad of features to your team?

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid. Start with the easy stuff..

Pick the most pressing problem and see which features address that problem and get your team behind it first. For instance, going back to iPhone analogy, the users might care more about understanding how the iPhone camera app settings work or how to turn on notifications for screen time usage. If so, then the iPhone rollout team might want to focus on that first!

Similar logic applies to Evolphin Zoom DAM/MAM rollout and user adoption. You may decide that ingesting your vast archive of videos & images and then making that content accessible via a Web Browser is the highest priority. Or you may decide collaboration between your editors and account managers is your thing.

In other words, shoot for quick wins first, that means pick a broad problem in your workflow and have Zoom address it so that your users can see benefits within weeks. From there on, a rollout process can gradually introduce users to more and more Zoom features/benefits. Like the iPhone, Zoom is very capable and it can address a lot of your pain points, but take the time to phase it in multiple milestones. Don’t be overwhelmed.

Knowing what current problems are expected to be resolved first when the new system is put in place is key to faster user adoption.

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